Ferdinand Weber Harpsichord, from Ireland


Weber harpsichord, 18th Century

Made in Dublin by Ferdinand Weber, a friend of Handel's. Handel had close associations with Dublin.  "The Messiah" was first performed there.  Webers harpsichords are now rare.  Two are in the National Museum in Dublin, one in the Brussels Conservatoire.  (Rand Daily Mail, 6.3.65?)
1752, bought at Christies, beautiful hinges (Panorama, July 1958), Repaired by Michael Thomas

Information from Boalch: 7 instruments listed:
      a)      harpsichord, 1746, P.J. Watts, Maidenhead
      b)     harpsichord, 1751, Brussels Museum
      c)      clavicytherium, 1764, National Museum of Ireland
      d)     harpsichord, 1768, National Museum of Ireland
      e)      harpsichord, 1775, Royal College of Music
      f)      wing spinet, 1775, National Museum of Ireland
      g)     clavicytherium, privately owned in Ireland

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