Georg Winckler Fortepiano, Hammerklavier, or Mozart Piano

     Fortepiano, Hammerklavier or Mozart Piano 

 Hammerklavier or fortepiano of the late 18th century (1780?) made by  Georg Winckler of Switzerland. Case: Nussbaum, 5 octaves (F-f3)       Er besitzt zwei Kniehebel, einen für Forte und einen für Piano.  Die Mechanik ist eine Wiener Mechanik mit Kastendämpfung.  Auf einer gestochenen Vignette auf dem Resonanzboden das Signum:  Georg Winckler, Lauten- und Instrumentenmacher München, von Neupert in Nürnberg gekauft.  A true piano, the action being of hammers on strings, with the two damper pedals worked by the knee. An important addition for performing the many library scores. Often utilized together with visiting musicians. 

 Also featured periodically with HA performing in concerts for the Johannesburg Musical Society and The South African Broadcasting Corporation.  In all probability Mozart himself played on this piano - hence its name "Mozart" piano.  He described one like it in his letters  (Rand Daily Mail, 6.3.65)  seven feet long, 40 inches wide at the keyboard, five octaves, manufactured in Munich in 1785 (RDM, 13.11.56)

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  1. This instrument can be viewed in better detail here:
    It appears to have been a purchase from a museum, going by the inked number on the pinblock. It is very similar in concept to instruments made by Dulcken.