Pleyel Harpsichord, new in 1947

     Pleyel Harpsichord (Nov. 1947)

Ordered as a chamber music example of the Wanda Landowska  concert performance instrument  made  by Pleyel. (Transvaler, 28.1.65)  Two manual six pedal, micro string adjustment to hold tuning indefinitely. Six pedals could be operated by foot or locked in place. One pedal dampened and almost muted sound on upper keyboard, one raised the manuals by an octave, one added forte by operating the upper keys as well when  lower manual keys depressed.
 A necessary addition to complement the keyboard library of scores. Used almost daily, together with the modern grands.  Utilized with H.A. at the keyboard for Public Concert Performances with Isabel Nef (Noted International Harpsichordist) in Johannesburg Musical Society (JMS) two Harpsichord Recital, February, 1956.
Frequently in performance for and with  the JMS and SABC (South African Broadcast Corp.) presenting 4 hand duets with Jose Rodrigues-Lopes during the first decade after the war, when this music was extremely rare.  
A 1956 two harpsichord broadcast for Radio Geneve was recorded from the home music room/library together with Ms Nef  and her Pleyel Concert instrument.

A short 7 minute video of a recording concert presented by local musicians for the Musica Viva societies inaugural concert:

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