Hans/Andreas Rueckers Epinette, Virginal or Harpsichord

   Hans/Andreas Rueckers Epinette/Virginal or Harpsichord

17th century, the Stradivarius among harpsichord
Information from Boalch, Makers of the Harpsichord and Clavichord, 1440-1840, p.551:
Type:  Rectangular virginal. one-of-a-kind octave quint virginal
Date: 1610
Inscriptions: Ruckers number /51
Specification: 1x4
Compass: C/E-c³, short octave
Keyboard:  White naturals, black sharps
Number of roses: 1
Style of rose:  Seated harping figure
Exterior of case:  Painted
Scale: 147 mm
Length: 711 mm, Width: 380 mm, Depth: 185 mm
Remarks:  The only surviving Ruckers 2.5-voet virginal at pitch R+9 - a unique, but undated, instrument authenticated by O'Brien - his number (c. 1610)a AR.  The instrument is not part of a mother and child combination, but stands in its own right.  Because of its unique position in the range of Ruckers instruments, it is the subject of considerable investigation and comparison by O'Brien .....  The outer case is shaped like a small writing desk, and is painted in the standard Ruckers green marbling.  An internal lid painting shows courtiers in a landscape with a castle.  The date of c. 1610 is ascribed on the basis of the rose and soundboard decoration.

Reference:  O'Brien, G. Grant: Ruckers, a harpsichord and virginal building tradition.  Cambridge, CUP 1990

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